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Using Trello to track Your Monthly Personal Goals

Following my last Post  about Setting Monthly Personal Goals, I got great amount of people that were interested to learn about the tools that I am using and how I am managing those goals. So… I am actually using Trello (private board), I chose this because it has access from everywhere (smartphone, tablets, PC, etc.), it is…

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Setting Monthly Personal Goals

Are you a bad developer if you don’t take on side projects? Everyone lauds engineers for programming nonstop, but I can’t seem to do things that aren’t discretely tasked out for me and on company time any more. I don’t want to work on github until late hours. Is this a side effect of working…

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Just finished the upgrade to wordpress with a new theme to make the blog posts mobile-friendly. Would love to hear your feedback

5 Goals & Tips that will make you better developer in 2013

Back to writing, Following my last year experience interviewing over hundreds of candidates I was looking for the ingredients for making you better than your colleagues. I know that the internet is full of such tutorials, especially one minute before the new year’s eve, but I will try to add my own twist, give you…

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Releasing Features – 2 week process of building a product VS. getting feedback on your idea every day

Nir just finished coding his new module, simple read-only entrance page that renders grid of products with its name underneath, each name links to the relevant product page.This feature was deployed a week later. After deploying to production we find out a new bug that wasn’t discover during QA phase.Our team has 5 developers which…

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AppHarbor & Continuous Deployment

This is my second post about AppHarbor, I suggest you to read my first impression. I am reading a lot about continuous deployment lately and AppHarbor provide great implementation for simple web applications deployment. Source Control – Support Git to host your code Continuous integration – Check build per commit and run NUnit as part…

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AppHarbor – The place for hosting (bonus: Git for newbies)

Everyone knows Google app engine But what about .net apps? Meet AppHarbor (Thanks Gadi) So I wanted to give it a chance and after playing for less than an hour: Enable you to build \ host \ deploy web apps Provide both Version control and hosting service Absolutely free (for now) Damn simple Short tutorial…

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ReSharper bindings got mad

Lately my “find usages” (shift+F12) stopped working. I tried to restore ReSharper again and again but it fails (ReSharper –> find usages –> General –> restore ReSharper) I’ve found out that some other shortcuts still working (for example: find usages advanced, CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+F12) Then I checked the visual studio binding (Tools->Options->Keyboard) and find out that ReSharper.Find…

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Subscribe to the new human-debugger @ feedburner

Following Oren’s post I thought it would be great to post my feedburner too. subscribe to my new feed – also changed the Rss-Icons to point to the new feed – so feel free to click them Thanks.

Adding FB:Like to my dasblog

Finally I’ve found some time to customize my blog with tiny change: FB:Like Plugin – Whenever you LIKE it – let me know. This will be shared with your friends and help me spread my ideas. Tip #1 – FB:Like PluginIf you are using dasblog and you want to add this to your theme use…

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