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My Beliefs for New Employees – Deliver Value in Your First Week at Work

There are some great posts about how companies find good talent. But in my opinion, there are less about how those talents‘ first day/week will help them become part of your Great Team. Over the years, I’ve found that we might miss some of those great talents, due to: bad-timing, adjustment challenges, expectations mismatch, etc. The more common misses are even worse, you might lose out on their…

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Using Trello to track Your Monthly Personal Goals

Following my last Post  about Setting Monthly Personal Goals, I got great amount of people that were interested to learn about the tools that I am using and how I am managing those goals. So… I am actually using Trello (private board), I chose this because it has access from everywhere (smartphone, tablets, PC, etc.), it is…

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Setting Monthly Personal Goals

Are you a bad developer if you don’t take on side projects? Everyone lauds engineers for programming nonstop, but I can’t seem to do things that aren’t discretely tasked out for me and on company time any more. I don’t want to work on github until late hours. Is this a side effect of working…

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Just finished the upgrade to wordpress with a new theme to make the blog posts mobile-friendly. Would love to hear your feedback

5 Goals & Tips that will make you better developer in 2013

Back to writing, Following my last year experience interviewing over hundreds of candidates I was looking for the ingredients for making you better than your colleagues. I know that the internet is full of such tutorials, especially one minute before the new year’s eve, but I will try to add my own twist, give you…

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Releasing Features – 2 week process of building a product VS. getting feedback on your idea every day

Nir just finished coding his new module, simple read-only entrance page that renders grid of products with its name underneath, each name links to the relevant product page.This feature was deployed a week later. After deploying to production we find out a new bug that wasn’t discover during QA phase.Our team has 5 developers which…

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AppHarbor & Continuous Deployment

This is my second post about AppHarbor, I suggest you to read my first impression. I am reading a lot about continuous deployment lately and AppHarbor provide great implementation for simple web applications deployment. Source Control – Support Git to host your code Continuous integration – Check build per commit and run NUnit as part…

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AppHarbor – The place for hosting (bonus: Git for newbies)

Everyone knows Google app engine But what about .net apps? Meet AppHarbor (Thanks Gadi) So I wanted to give it a chance and after playing for less than an hour: Enable you to build \ host \ deploy web apps Provide both Version control and hosting service Absolutely free (for now) Damn simple Short tutorial…

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ReSharper bindings got mad

Lately my “find usages” (shift+F12) stopped working. I tried to restore ReSharper again and again but it fails (ReSharper –> find usages –> General –> restore ReSharper) I’ve found out that some other shortcuts still working (for example: find usages advanced, CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+F12) Then I checked the visual studio binding (Tools->Options->Keyboard) and find out that ReSharper.Find…

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Subscribe to the new human-debugger @ feedburner

Following Oren’s post I thought it would be great to post my feedburner too. subscribe to my new feed – also changed the Rss-Icons to point to the new feed – so feel free to click them Thanks.