WinFX is in the house

After almost 6 hours of downloads, 3 hours of installations, my laptop which is only 1700Mhz (Sonoma), 512MB RAM, holds the latest version of the WinFX beta2.

So here are some tips for you guys:

  1. Read the words around the Download button, although we’ll probably right in our intuition. Microsoft has a lot of important requirements.
  2. The WinFX SDK couldn’t be installed without the CTP installation first, it is a common mistake that we think that the SDK is already includes the CTP.
  3. The WinFX SDK has two options for installation: the small download and long installation vs. the very long download (1.7Giga almost 6 hours for me) and still long installation. choose the second, download first, install later from local disk. the former option will take years… (believe me I tried)
  4. Install the VS-Extension for WinFX, it has cool features, better intellisense than HTML & JavaScript.
  5. Do not afraid of Beta-s, I already try some samples, and it looks awesome.

Here are some screen shots from the new baby:

After long hours of expectations, which i spent in reading every peace of data about WPF, the installation finally succeeded.

WinFX is in the house!

I created my first rectangle, couldn’t wait for the VS-Extension, the cool thing at this editor that everything is on-the-fly, write your XAML tags and see the magic on your screen.

The XAMLPad!

Start the Drag & Drop session, checking the intellisense:

See the toolbox, great new tools.

I will probably not gonna sleep tonight…


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2 thoughts on “WinFX is in the house

  1. JIT.
    I mean, this was posted just in time for me, since today I’ve finally finish downloading and I’m about to start the setups, so your insights really helped.

  2. Thanks,
    you never know whether your posts help or not, and it is very nice to get such feedback.
    I hope for a spare time on the weekend for more insights on the WCF, so stay tuned.

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