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WinFX is in the house

After almost 6 hours of downloads, 3 hours of installations, my laptop which is only 1700Mhz (Sonoma), 512MB RAM, holds the latest version of the WinFX beta2.

So here are some tips for you guys:

  1. Read the words around the Download button, although we’ll probably right in our intuition. Microsoft has a lot of important requirements.
  2. The WinFX SDK couldn’t be installed without the CTP installation first, it is a common mistake that we think that the SDK is already includes the CTP.
  3. The WinFX SDK has two options for installation: the small download and long installation vs. the very long download (1.7Giga almost 6 hours for me) and still long installation. choose the second, download first, install later from local disk. the former option will take years… (believe me I tried)
  4. Install the VS-Extension for WinFX, it has cool features, better intellisense than HTML & JavaScript.
  5. Do not afraid of Beta-s, I already try some samples, and it looks awesome.

Here are some screen shots from the new baby:

After long hours of expectations, which i spent in reading every peace of data about WPF, the installation finally succeeded.

WinFX is in the house!

I created my first rectangle, couldn’t wait for the VS-Extension, the cool thing at this editor that everything is on-the-fly, write your XAML tags and see the magic on your screen.

The XAMLPad!

Start the Drag & Drop session, checking the intellisense:

See the toolbox, great new tools.

I will probably not gonna sleep tonight…