AGX: Changing the annoying ESRI Icon

We are developing a new application over the AGX API.
ESRI give us a small and powerless API, which you must use this default window with this default images and menus.
The AGX window look like this:

On the bottom right side – the ESRI icon.

The first sentence I’ve heard from my users was: I want you to put our Icon down there instead of the ESRI’s Icon.
I always said: when the user wants something and he knows what he wants*, you should give it to him.
So Elad (programmer in my team) try to find out where the this icon comes from, and he found it in a minutes, the OCX file:

E2.ocx file, image: 582.

We changed it, and now it looks like this:

the HD.Net( icon on the bottom right corner, what a Hack.

I hope you gonna use it, for your work place.

one note for ESRI Developers: you must understand that your applications (APIs) gonna use on different places with hundreds of users, in such days when we have Google earth API, and MS Virtual earth 3D API, you should do things more generics, more dynamics.
please make my life easier, we want even more options to be customized, such as: right click on map, customizable menus etc.

* most of the time the user doesn’t know what he wants.


Shani Raba

Juggling between Performance Optimization, Agile Training, Continuous Delivery, Get Things Done. Role: Group Leader. Moto: Love your coders.