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ArcGis Explorer 440 version

The new version of AGX is out, you can found more details in here.

Here are some things I found out:

  • My old tasks works
  • Tab index (inside the tasks) is finally working properly
  • The streaming looks slow – even very slow I’m not sure if this is because of my networks problems or because of ESRI’s servers but it was better with the previous version
  • Better handling the outer links (having a bug while opening a site it also opens: “about:blank” empty window near it)
  • More cool icons for instead of the simple pushpins

Still (really) missing

  • Scale bar (on the bottom of the page, or even in task)
  • Simple “Add connection” to Google Maps (servers) & Virtual Earth (servers)
  • SDK for 2008 (The given one fits to 2005 only)

Here is a simple result I make using the new popup window: